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Professor Richard Rose


U. of Strathclyde, Professor of Politics 1966‑2005, 2012-. Director, Centre for the Study of Public Policy, 1976-2005, 2012-

University of Aberdeen, Sixth Century Chair in Politics, 2005-11

Visiting Professor, European U. Institute, Florence, 1976-78, 2011-

Senior Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute 2003-5

Visiting Professor, Instituto Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, 2000

Visiting Professor,  Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, 1988-90

Hinkley Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University, 1987

Visiting Fellow, Fiscal Affairs, International Monetary Fund, Washington, 1984

Visiting lecturer, Political Sociology, Cambridge University, 1967

Visiting lecturer, Political Science, U. of Illinois, 1962

Lecturer in Government, University of Manchester, 1961‑66

Reporter, St. Louis Post‑Dispatch, 1955‑57

Political public relations, Mississippi River Road, 1954‑55

DPhil in Social Studies, Oxford University, 1960. Lincoln and Nuffield colleges.
Postgraduate student, London School of Economics, 1953 54.
BA in comparative literature and drama, Johns Hopkins University, 1953. Trustee's Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Double distinction.

Honorary doctorate, European University Institute, Florence, 2010.
Sir Isaiah Berlin Lifetime Achievement Prize, Political Studies Association of UK 2009.
Dogan Foundation/ECPR Life Achievement Prize European Political Sociology 2009.
Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Council for the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems, 2008.
Honorary doctorate, Orebro University, Sweden, 2005.
Richard E. Neustadt Award, 2005. Co-author, best book on the presidency, The Executive Branch.
Lifetime Achievement Award of UK Political Studies Association 2000.
Fellow, Academy of the Learned Societies for the Social Sciences, 2000.
Lasswell Lifetime Achievement Award, Policy Studies Organization, 1999.
Honorary Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1994.
Fellow of the British Academy, 1992.
Robert Marjolin $25,000 AMEX Prize International Economics, 1992.
Honorary Vice President UK Political Studies Association, 1986.
Foreign member, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 1985.

Associate Fellow, Nuffield College Oxford 2003-05.
Wei Lun Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2000.
Max Planck Arbeitsgruppe für Transformationsprozesse, Berlin, 1996.
Visiting Fellow, Central European University Prague, 1992-95.
Ransone Lecturer in Public Administration, University of Alabama, 1990.
Harding Visitor in Political Science & Economics, University of Toronto, 1989.
Japan Foundation Visiting Scholar, Tokyo, 1984.
Shell Oil Distinguished Scholar, 1981.
American Enterprise Institute, Visiting Scholar, Washington, 1980.
Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, Summer, 1976.
Woodrow Wilson International Center Fellow, Washington, DC, 1974.
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1973 74.
American SSRC Fellow, Stanford University, 1967.

Scotland in the World Forum, Director, 2008-2011.
Specialist advisor, House of Commons Public Administration Committee, 2003
International advisor, Afrobarometer, 1999-; East Asian Values Barometer, 2000-.

Consultant, Council of Europe Venice Commission on Democratic Elections, 1999-
Chair, European Science Foundation Citizens in Transition Network, 1999-2001.
Transparency International, Research Advisory Committee, Berlin, 1998-
Consultant, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), Stockholm, 1997-
National Endowment for Democracy, International Forum for Democratic Studies Washington DC, 1997-
Steering Group, World Values Study, University of Michigan, 1995.
Research Associate, UN European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna, 1992-
Scientific Advisor, New Democracies Barometer, Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft, Vienna, 1991-
World Bank Consultant, 1991-
Creator, New Russia, New Europe and New Baltic Barometers, post-Communist society surveys 1991-
UN Development Program Consultant, President of Colombia, 1990.
Founding Council member, Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics, 1989.
Journal of Public Policy, Chairman of Board, 1981-84, Editor, 1985-2011.
Consultant, OECD, 1980-.
International Political Science Association, Council, 1976 82; Co-director, World Congress Programme, Rio de Janeiro, 1982.
Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention, Consultant to Chair, 1976.
Chair, Work Group United Kingdom Politics, Political Studies Association, 1976-88
Home Office Working Party on the Electoral Register, Member, 1975-77.
Council of European Studies, Choice in Social Welfare Policy Committee 1974-77.
Co-Founder, British Politics Group USA, Executive Committee, 1974-96.
Director, International Social Science Council European Summer School, 1973.
Co-Founder, European Consortium for Political Research, Executive, 1970-1976.
United States-United Kingdom Fulbright Educational Commission 1970-75.
Secretary, Committee on Political Sociology, International Political Science/ International Sociological associations, 1970-85.

Current: Demokratizatsiya, Social Studies Review, SWS Rundschau (Vienna). Past: Journal of Public Policy (editor, 1985-2011),  Comparative Politics, Comparative Political Studies, East European Constitutional Review, Governance, Political Studies, Policy Studies Journal, Sage Papers in Contemporary Political Sociology.

Papers to hundreds of national, European and international meetings in political science, sociology, public finance, public administration and public policy, etc., etc. in Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, People's Republic of China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

WEB SITES:,,,  thousands of hits per month from more than 70 countries.

Over the decades contributor to The Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, New Society, Economist, Times Higher Education, and dailies, weeklies and monthlies in Britain and the United States. Election psephologist and broadcaster for BBC, ITN, STV (Scottish Television), RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann), etc.

TRANSLATIONS: 17 languages
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and in Samizdat.

RESEARCH GRANTS: from 13 countries plus intergovernmental agencies
World Bank, UNDP, UNESCO, European Commission, European Science Foundation, National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, American Social Science Research Council, United States Institute of Peace, Exxon Education Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, British Economic & Social Research Council, Foreign Office Know How Fund, Nuffield Foundation, Survey of Race Relations, Joseph Rowntree Social Service Trust, Outer Circle Policy Unit, Northern Ireland Community Relations Commission, Public Finance Foundation, Canada Council, US Embassy Cultural Affairs London, French Embassy London, Volkswagen Foundation, Hans-Boeckler Stiftung, Anglo-German Foundation, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Agnelli Foundation, Austrian National Bank, Bank of Sweden Jubilee Fund, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Foundation, Institute for Political Studies in Japan, IDEA Stockholm, Open Society Institute Budapest, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Dublin, Fundaçao Francisco dos Santos, Lisbon.

CLUBS: Reform (London). Cosmos (Washington, DC).

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