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SPP 204

Author: Richard Rose, CSPP & Christian Haerpfer, Paul Lazarsfeld Society
Description: Democracy cannot exist without the support of public opinion and markets cannot function without the participation of people as workers and consumers--and their support as citizens. But changes in popular attitudes and behaviour cannot occur as quickly as Communist regimes fell. Hence, the Paul Lazarsfeld Society, Vienna, created the New Democracies Barometer to monitor mass response to political and economic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe through nationwide representative sample surveys. The first NDB survey was conducted between November, 1991 and January, 1992 in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and, for comparison with a democratic market system, Austria. A total of 7,202 people were interviewed about household and national economic conditions; evaluations of the new regime and the old Communist regime and social and demographic characteristics. This report has a lengthy prose explanation of key indicators, analytic tables and graphics, and a full report of results in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Austria. The New Democracies Barometer is supported by grants from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research and the Austrian National Bank to the Paul Lazarsfeld Society, Vienna.

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