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SPP 222

Author: Richard Rose & William Maley, CSPP, VILMORUS (Vilnius) LASOPEC (Riga) EMOR (Tallinn)
Description: The first New Baltic Barometer, conducted in autumn, 1993, was the largest systematic comparative social science study ever undertaken in the region. There were 6,136 interviews in four languages with seven different representative samples: Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Russian nationals living in each of the three Baltic states, and in Lithuania, Poles as well. The questionnaire collected a large amount of data about language, identity and political demands of special relevance in the multi-national Baltic states. It also collected large amounts of information about household economic conditions, economic evaluations and expectations, attitudes toward the old Soviet system and hopes for the future, and social and demographic data. This SPP paper presents the answers to all questions subdivided by nationality and the means for Baltic and Russian nationalities. Thus, comparisons can readily be made between Baltic peoples and Russians, among Baltic peoples, and among Russians living in different Baltic states. Many questions are comparable with those asked in the New Russia Barometer and in the New Democracies Barometer covering Central and Eastern Europe, including Belarus and Ukraine.

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