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SPP 260

Author: Richard Rose, CSPP and VCIOM, Moscow
Description: The New Russia Barometer is dedicated to understanding how Russians live outside the ring roads of Moscow political life: it is a nationwide representative sample survey of the adult population of the Russian Federation. The fifth NRB survey of 2,426 persons was conducted in January, 1996, immediately after the December, 1995 Duma election and when politicians started working toward the scheduled June, 1996 presidential election. This SPP paper presents the full results of the lengthy fifth NRB survey, which gives special emphasis to political attitudes toward how Russia is governed, as well as detailed assessments of candidates and policies. In addition, it includes lengthy sections dealing with economic conditions, evaluations of economic reform, income, consumption and savings. Each reply is cross-tabulated by age in order to show the extent to which generational change implies long-term change in Russian attitudes and behaviour.

Price: £12.00
Postal Address:    CSPP Publications, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, G1 1XQ, UK

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