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SPP 303

Author: Professor Richard Rose
Description: In a modern society, getting things done invariably involves organizations; the rational operation of bureaucratic organizations was a hallmark of Weber's modern society. While the Soviet system was complex and full of organizations, it was not transparent, predictable or controlled by the rule of law. To get things done, Russians had to learn how to cope with "anti-modern" organizations. The seventh New Russia Barometer examines the extent to which this has left a legacy in Russia today, by asking how people expect to obtain such goods and services as protection against crime, housing, education, pensions, health care, and income maintenance -- and the strategies they would adopt if an organization fails to deliver. The results show that many anecdotes about "informal" methods of getting around organizations are true, but only partially. Russians differ in their response to problems of everyday life. The extent to which a particular strategy is adopted varies with the context.

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