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SPP 330

Author: Richard Rose
Description: The ninth New Russia Barometer survey of 1,600 electors was undertaken by VCIOM immediately after the election of Vladimir Putin in March, 2000. A representative nationwide sample of 1,600 Russians was interviewed. In addition to standard batteries of questions concerned with elections and voting, NRB IX included trend questions about attitudes toward democratic and undemocratic systems of government and evaluations of past and current conditions and hopes and expectations of the future. Sections on economic and social conditions monitor how Russians are getting by in multiple economies, unofficial as well as official. There are also questions about national security concerns, including Chechnya. Following up the CSPP's interest in social influences on health, there is a special section on Russian drinking. To examine the extent to which there are differences between younger and older Russians in their views of state, society and the world around them, the replies to all questions are cross-tabulated by age.

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