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SPP 332

Author: Richard Rose, Neil Munro and Stephen White
Description: This paper analyses the sources of Putin's vote using NRB IX a post-election nationwide survey of voters. It identifies two dimensions of public opinion which predict choice of candidate amongst Putin, Zyuganov, Yavlinsky and Zhirinovsky. Putin's support relied on his personal appeal, the influence of state TV as well as preference for the current economic and political systems. Zyuganov's relied on the appeal of his policies and on opposition to the current economic and political systems. A secondary dimension distinguished Putin and Zhirinovsky voters from Yavlinsky voters. In addition, the paper compares the influences on performance assessments of Putin and Zyuganov. The effects of the Chechen campaign were favourable to assessments of both leading candidates, but more so for Putin. Positive assessments of the old economic and political systems were a boon to Zyuganov without affecting Putin's performance ratings. Zyuganov met with less favourable assessments amongst the better educated, whereas Putin found less favourable assessments amongst those with higher income and socio-economic status, and amongst urban Russians.

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