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SPP 392

Author: Richard Rose, Neil Munro and William Mishler
Description: To advance understanding of the Russian regime today, three political scientists set out a model of political authority in democratic and undemocratic regimes. New Russia Barometer surveys, especially a post-presidential election survey in March, 2004, are used to document the widespread amount of resigned acceptance of a regime that is seen as far from what most people want but preferred to any other alternative. The paper reviews alternative hypotheses about why people may differ in their view of authority and tests the hypotheses statistically. Results show that economic satisfaction and the low expectation of political change together are most important in encouraging resigned acceptance of an imperfectly democratic regime. The concluding section considers circumstances that might upset this equilibrium, such as a downturn in the Russian economy or President Putin's choice about whether to leave office when his second term expires in 2008.

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