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SPP 468

Author: Richard Rose
Description: Demands to upload more policymaking from the national to the EU level can be explained historically and functionally, but are vulnerable to conflicting demands to download more policymaking to national institutions that have the justification of being elected to represent their citizens. The first section distinguishes different historical and functional explanations of representation in the EU system from non-democratic as well as democratic justifications. This framework is applied to the non-elected and elected institutions of the EU co-decision system. Whereas conventional analyses emphasize a trade off between representation and effectiveness, this paper stresses the need to combine the two in response to supranational pressures for collective action. Yet simultaneously the limited representation of citizens in the EU process is creating pressures to download responsibilities to national governments having the right of sovereign democracies to represent their national electorate or let it speak directly through national referendums on EU issues.

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