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SPP 490

Author: Richard Rose
Description: The New Russia Barometer survey represents the Russian population as a whole. The Levada Centre interviewed 1,600 people just after the contested Duma election. It thus puts in perspective journalistic reports based on interviews with those attending street protests in Moscow at the time of the Duma election. The survey contains public assessments of the Russian government as a whole, Vladimir Putin, and full details of the electoral behaviour of respondents, including their experience, if any, of electoral irregularities. Because the nineteenth NRB survey incorporates trend indicators asked in previous NRB surveys since 1992 the judgments about political, economic and social conditions in 2011 can be compared with replies in surveys undertaken before and during Vladimir Putin's period in office. The results show that, while their support for the current political system is not as high as before, it remains on balance positive although people regard it as halfway between a democracy and a dictatorship. The paper gives the results for all questions asked and also reports opinions separately for younger, middle age, and older Russians.

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