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SPP 198

Author: AISA (Association for Independent Social Analysis), Prague
Description: To establish a base line of responses to political and economic transformation in Czechoslovakia, a nationwide representative sample survey of the adult population of Czechoslovakia age 18 to 70 was undertaken between 28 May and 16 June, 1991 with 1,260 respondents. In one-hour face-to-face-interviews, Czechs and Slovaks were asked for details about their behaviour in a multiplicity of economies, evaluations of household and national economic conditions, strategies for coping with the difficulties of transformation; the evaluation of the past, present and expected future political regimes; and a host of questions about their social and demographic status. A number of questions were asked about perceptions of Czech and Slovak relations. The answers are reported separately for Czechs and for Slovaks, and for the sample as a whole.

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