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SPP 250

Author: Richard Rose, CSPP and VCIOM (All-Russian Centre for Public Opinion)
Description: The New Russian Barometer Survey follows the Heineken principle of "reaching the parts that other surveys do not reach". It annually interviews a stratified representative nationwide sample of Russians for an hour each, collecting information about political, economic and social attitudes and behaviour. Topics covered include: basic attitudes toward the past and present regimes and alternatives to democracy; economic activities in nine different economies, official, unofficial, and non-monetized; changes in the labour force and economic conditions of household; indicators of destitution and of prosperity; etc. This SPP paper reports answers to all questions asked and includes a report on sampling; in addition, all replies are also cross-tabulated by age to show the extent to which generational differences are important.

The New Russian Barometer IV survey was undertaken by VCIOM in March/April 1995 with 1,998 respondents. Other NRB surveys are reported in: SPP 205, 1992; SPP 216, 1993; and SPP 228, 1994.

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