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SPP 293

Author: Christian Haerpfer, Claire Wallace and Richard Rose
Description: The collapse of the Soviet Union has created uncertainties about whether--and from what source--comes threats to peace today, and nowhere are uncertainties greater than in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia itself. Is the great risk from a previous antagonist, whether Russia, Germany or the United States? Or are there threats from ethnic minorities and neighbouring states? It is the responsibility of defence ministries to identify these threats, and meet the risks that they pose. In a democracy, the military are accountable to elected governors--and elected governors need the support of the public for major policies. The paper examines popular perceptions of threats to security in the ten post-Communist countries covered by the New Democracies Barometer, and the paper by Rose presents evidence about Russian public opinion--and the unwillingness of Russians to endorse the use of force, even when there are threats to order in the vicinity of historic Russian territories.

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