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SPP 337

Author: Martin McKee and Richard Rose
Description: This paper presents fresh empirical data about the incidence of smoking and drinking by post-Soviet citizens, drawn from nationwide representative sample surveys of adults in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. A special purpose set of questions identified ex-smokers as well as smokers and non-smokers in each national population, and investigated the reasons that individuals give for smoking or for not smoking. The data on Russian drinking goes into details about the type of drink consumed (e.g. beer or vodka) the quantity and the frequency (e.g. moderate but frequent drinking or intermittent binge drinking). In addition, the surveys collected information about general health conditions, and standard socio-demographic characteristics. The paper presents answers to all questions. Given major gender differences in this field of behaviour, all answers are presented separately for men and women, and smoking and drinking questions are also cross-tabulated by general health and standard socio-demographic characteristics.

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