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SPP 455

Author: Stephen White and Ian McAllister
Description: A national representative survey in November-December 2007 suggests that there was little consensus about the nature of the ‘Orange revolution’, and that perceptions varied considerably by region and age-group. The main reason for participation was to ‘protest against the authorities’, but here too there were considerable regional differences. Eight focus groups conducted in different parts of the country allowed participants to articulate their distinctive interpretations of the events: an ‘Orange’ narrative that saw the events of late 2004 as an authentic popular uprising, and a ‘Blue’ narrative that saw them as a Western-funded coup. After the event, increasing numbers felt they had lost rather than gained, with the gains clearest in respect of freedom of speech and losses most marked in relations with Russia. Different views of the revolutionary events in turn were closely associated with voting choices in the September 2007 parliamentary election.

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