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ELECTIONS WITHOUT ORDER: Russia's Challenge to Vladimir Putin

Title: ELECTIONS WITHOUT ORDER: Russia's Challenge to Vladimir Putin
Author: Richard Rose and Neil Munro
Description: Cambridge University Press 2002. <br /><br /> An important, original and exceptionally lucid book, conceptually innovative and especially valuable in its analyses of recent trends in Russian public opinion. <br />- George W. Breslauer, U. of California, Berkeley <br /><br /> <h2>Table of Contents</h2> <strong><a href="ewointro.shtml">Introduction THE REALITY OF RUSSIA</a> </strong><br /> <br /> The meaning of order. A partly transformed society. 1 A DISORDERLY LEGACY <br /> Disorderly rule under many regimes. The disorderly creation of the Russian Federation. An economy with too much money and not enough order. <br /><br /> 2 DEMOCRATIZATION BACKWARDS <br /> Creating modern and anti-modern states. Realizing the democratic potential of modern states. Contrasts in post-Communist contexts. Alternative outcomes. <br /><br /> 3 WHAT RUSSIANS HAVE MADE OF TRANSFORMATION <br /> How good were the good old days? Coping with a disorderly society. Regimes: Matching supply and demand. <br /><br /> 4 PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION: A FAMILY PROBLEM <br /> A feeble state: Yeltsin's second term. Search for a third alternative. Bombshells--metaphorical and otherwise. Putin's popularity takes off. <br /><br /> 5 PARTIES WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY <br /> Four systems of parties. Why Duma elections matter. Scrambling to form parties. <br /><br /> 6 A FLOATING SYSTEM OF PARTIES <br /> Getting on the ballot. Competing to fill a vacuum. Multiple outcomes. <br /><br /> 7 IMPACT OF TRANSFORMATION ON DUMA VOTERS <br /> Transformation influences. Ideologies and party choice. Equilibrium influences. Transformation most important for party choice. <br /><br /> 8 FROM ACTING TO ELECTED PRESIDENT <br /> Laying on of hands. Tying up a winning coalition. Confirmation without campaigning. Multiple influences on presidential choice. <br /><br /> 9 CAMPAIGNING AND GOVERNING <br /> Winning the rating war. Centralizing power. Disciplining wild capitalism. Going international--before and after September 11. Putin's limited impact on Russians. <br /><br /> 10 IN SEARCH OF AN EQUILIBRIUM <br /> Rule of law in short supply. An hourglass not a civil society. An absence of accountability. Matching supply and demand. Settling down differently. <br /><br /><br /> 27 tablesĀ 39 figuresĀ Appendices <br /><br /> <strong>PAPERBACK COPY</strong>. <a href="view_item.php?id=409">Hardback copy</a> is also available.

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