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New Democracies Barometer

To monitor mass response to transformation across Central and East Europe, the Paul Lazarsfeld Society of Vienna created the New Democracies Barometer (NDB) in 1991, with Dr Christian Haerpfer as scientific director and Professor Richard Rose as international scientific advisor. Funding has come from the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and the Austrian National Bank.

Cross-national NDB surveys have covered Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and SerbiaBelarus, Ukraine, and many comparable questions have also been asked in Austria, Germany -- East and West, and Moldova. Most of these countries have also been the subject of special one-nation CSPP surveys too.

The NDB questionnaire repeats key questions regularly to see how much or how little behaviour and attitudes change as people gain more experience of democracy and markets. In each country a stratified nationwide representative sample of about 1,000 respondents is interviewed face-to-face. Full results of each NDB survey are reported in the University of Aberdeen's  Studies in Public Policy:

DEMOCRACY AND ITS ALTERNATIVES: Understanding Post-Communist Societies. By Richard Rose, William Mishler and Christian Haerpfer.   A book-length analysis of New Democracies Barometer surveys.  Polity Press, Oxford and Johns Hopkins University Press, USA. 


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