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Life Expectancy (Men)

Region Years    % Russian mean
North Caucasus 61 104
Central Black Earth 60 104
Volga 60 103
Volgo-Vyatka 59 101
Urals 58 100
North-west 58 100
West Siberia 58 99
Central 58 99
Northern 57 97
Far East 57 97
East Siberia 55 95
Source: Regiony Rossii [Russian Regions], 1996.

Equality of life expectancy for men has been achieved in Russia: the healthiest regions are only four percentage points above the national mean, the least healthy region only five per cent.

However, in this instance equality goes along with a decline in life expectancy to levels that are much lower than anywhere in the OECD world. In Hungary, a post-Communist society with a poor record, the average newborn male can expect to live 67 years; and in Turkey 68 years,. By contrast, in Russia the average male life expectancy is now forecast to be 58 years, a figure below the average for Latin America, Asia or the Middle East and North Africa.

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